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Setting up your Email account using: Outlook or Outlook Express

If you are creating a new account, then you will need the username and password we have supplied you with.

1. First you must open Outlook / Outlook Express - a program that enables your computer to run e-mail. You can open it by clicking on Start and then on Programs. From the list that is shown, select Outlook / Outlook Express.

2. Now look at the top left of the screen where there is a line of words as follows:

File Edit View Tools Messages Help

These lead to the 'controls' which operate Outlook / Outlook Express. Click on Tools. A list of words appears. Find Accounts.

3. Click on Accounts. A window appears, labelled 'Internet Accounts'. On the right of this window is a vertical list of words. Click on Add at the very top. More words appear. Click on Mail.

4. Another window appears called 'Internet Connection Wizard'. Type your name in the vacant slot in this window, exactly as you want your name to appear in your outgoing e-mails. Then click on Next at the bottom right of the window.

5. Another window appears. Type your e-mail address in the vacant slot, in lower case (i.e. and click on Next.

6. Another window appears. You must now fill in the details for the 'mail servers':

In the slot labelled 'Incoming mail [POP3, IMAP or HTTP] server', enter the details as supplied by us.

In the slot labelled 'Outgoing mail [SMTP] server', enter the details as supplied by us.

Then click on Next.

7. You are now asked to enter your username and password (as supplied by us). If you don't enter your password, you will have to type it in every time you try to download e-mail. Click Next.

8. Depending on your computer system, you will now either see a window where you simply click on Finish or, you will see a screen where you have to select your account. This should already be set up and you simply click on the correct one to select it.

9. Click on Finish to complete the process.

Hint - To test your e-mail account you can send an e-mail to your self and then check your account to see if it comes back to you. Depending on the traffic the time taken by an e-mail to return may vary.

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